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23rd September 2015

I'd planned to write a short post about the key things I've learnt since forming Dimmock Web Marketing 7 years ago (September 2008) last Friday, when I eventually got back from BrightonSEO. However, en-route to the conference, I heard some terribly sad news: a dear friend (and a light bearer in the SEO industry) had passed away.

5th June 2015
2nd June 2015

Yesterday I came across a video, made by an SEO training provider, introducing people to a course on SEO, content and effective this, effective that.. It claimed these 3 elements were key to an “effective” website: keywords, relevant content and regular content. This post sets the record straight..

1st June 2015

Seconds.. 8 to 10 to be precise. As online searchers, ”seconds” are the currency we trade in now.

Just seconds left of a frantic lunch break to source an item and buy online? Last minute gift-finding while grabbing a coffee? Or that to-do list needing your un-Googled attention? Which one are you? More to the point, which one is your next potential online customer?

31st May 2015

I asked the online marketing and SEO community to name the parts of selling, account managing and pre-qualifying SEO clients that they struggled with and found the most challenging. This blog post is a response to those challenges - I hope it helps bring some sanity to an important part of building and running an SEO business.