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What do most sane people do on a Friday night? If they're sensible, have a few beers down the pub.


Or eat at their fav restaurant.


Or catch up on some well-earned limb munching with The Walking Dead.


Well, they're hardly workplace reminiscing or fantasising on their fabled return the following week, right?


No siree. TGIF, FTW and all that jazz..  


..and I'm no different. I love ending the week on a high and doin' sum chillax. And letting my kids win again at WWF tickle smackdowns.

But last Friday night, something unexpected happened..



I started writing.. and writing.. and writing.. and writing more.. and..


"Sh*t! How the HELL is it 4am?!?" <you read that right peeps> "My kids are up in 3 hours! Crap, I better go to bed.."


(edit: for those not ITK, that's what blogging feels like when you're in the zone, baby!)


Why was enough, enough? I've guest blogged, blogged for clients and taught blogging, but I hadn't yet blogged for myself. Probably because I didn't have a damn blog to start with, right?


A case of never having the time? Do me a favour! Will the time to start a blog magically fall into my lap from the heavens? Of course not.


(edit: can you sense my frustration?)


So, with determination and a stupid amount of coffee running through my veins, I'd started something I wasn't going to stop until it was done. Period..


Anyone with kids will know that the worst thing you can do is deal with / be around them with little (or no) sleep. It wasn't their fault that daddy stayed up half the flippin night writing stuff, was it? 


Somehow <thankfully> Saturday went by without too many kiddie tantrums (I owe them a Cineworld extravaganza) or parenting "moments".


But here's the thing: I'd only completed a few pages (Just Me and Speaking) but it was a small success that gave me just a tad of belief that maybe, just maybe, I could complete the majority (if not all) of this blog in nutty one weekend.


So Saturday night arrived, mist appeared and we spoke..



Seriously, I can't frikkin' tell you how I started writing at 10.30pm, then collapsed into bed at 4am Sunday morning, only to wake 3 hours later to "daaaad, we've go to go to football, can you PLEASE get up?".


But somehow I did. When you have kids (parents, you'll dig this) you really have no choice!


So small success #2 - in that blitz, I'd completed Consulting, Events and the Home page. Man, I was on fire!


But something was missing. I felt it strong and it bothered me. All well and good talking 'bout me, me and me; it was my blog after all.. But it needed something special. Hmm..


Something unique that readers would find super-useful, while setting the expectation of what's in store on this blog in the future.


If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I don't do things half-hearted. You'll also know that I like engaging, sharing good information and offering the odd pep-talk or a few kind words if someone needs a little nudge. It's how I roll..


Then it hit me between the eyes. An internet marketing & SEO resource list - a collection of everything I've read, bookmarked, downloaded, watched and taken part in. Call it my personal internet marketing journey (to date). Kind of the internet-of-things from my POV. 


BUT I was severely lacking in sleep. I'd had an awesome day with the kids on Sunday and I really wasn't up for it. Could I go another (all)night(er) and get this final section done, in a way that would help, educate and inspire others?


Fast forward small success #3. The buzz I felt getting up Monday morning, knowing it was finished (barring some editing, design adjustments and other bits). No kidding, I floated to work.


What kept me going throughout the weekend, without much sleep, smiling at kids when I wanted to growl and writing this first post about what I'd done?


The power of focus and breaking a huge goal into manageable chunks


Getting small successes under your belt really does matter. They feed your belief that you can do it - whatever "it" is to you. The way I see it, doing is 10x better than thinking of doing - thinking and not acting creates frustration. And life will always put challenges in your way to test your resolve.


What immense, exciting things are you thinking about doing right now that you've been putting off?


Give yourself a chance & go start doing wink




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