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Digital Marketing Services & SEO Consulting Hertfordshire


Three core principles govern our philosophy in helping clients achieve digital marketing and SEO success: integrity, care and exceptional expertise.


To confirm if we're a good match and that we can work together, these two questions need answering:


#1 Why Dimmock Web Marketing?


#2 Why You / Your Company?


If we're both looking for a long-term, sustainable business relationship, built on respect and value and based on trust and integrity, we could be in business - because..


We love working with clients who love what they do, as must as we love what we do.. 


..but back to those key questions: 

#1 requires two very real concerns being satisfied in your mind:


1) "I've come across many internet marketing and SEO companies before. Will they be true to their word? Can I really trust them? Do they really give a sh!t?"


2) "The proof's in the pudding. All web marketers claim to be 'the best'. How do I know they're up for it and really want to help us achieve our goals and objectives?"

#2 requires two criteria being satisfied in our mind:


1) "Defined business goals and objectives are important - without them there is no "why". Do they believe they're worth the time and financial investment they'll make in us, to help them win online?"


2) "Every client wants to be the #1 online brand in their sector and to out-gun their competitors. What are their expectations? Are they realistic, measurable and defined? Do they take themselves and their aspirations seriously?"


Our goal is to satisfy your mind and start helping you achieve your online goals and objectives. But, we can only start to do that and show our value from the outsetif we speak.


  • We don't provide boilerplate quotes without discussing things first - to work together, getting to know your business is key
  • We don't offer "cheap SEO packages at £50pm for the bronze service" - our service will be unique to your business needs
  • We don't try to confuse you with jargon or mumbo jumbo - when we first speak or meet, you'll see why others chose us too


Take it from me: choosing the wrong company will frustrate the heck out of you, waste your hard-earned money and could seriously damage your profile online and your companies' bottom-line. Read our helpful checklist on choosing wisely.


Bottom line: if you want a quick comparison quote, without first discussing your goals and objectives, it's likely we're not a good match.


We prefer the human touch and hope you do too. We're big on integrity, trust-based relationships and moving mountains for those we work with. We'll need to satisfy our own criteria too - we can't say fairer than that. 


Are you're ready to discuss your business needs and invest some time in an introductory phone call? Great! While you're at it, download our Business Values below - it's how we roll wink 


DWM Business Values