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Business, Internet Marketing & SEO Event Presentations


Tony Dimmock Speaking at BrightonSEO


In April 2014, I was honoured to speak at the BrightonSEO conference on The Business Side of Web Marketing: Your Mindset, Pre-Qualifying & Winning New Clients:



With 4,642 views so far (updated 31/5/15), it's a topic close to my heart that was well received by those attending. A few nice folk also wrote some kind words on watching it:


Why BrightonSEO Is The New Bletchley Park Of Digital Marketing by NewRise Digital - thanks Simon!

BrightonSEO 2014 - Spaghetti Traveller's Key Takeaways by Tom Bourlett - thanks Tom!


Here's a follow-up blog post that I've written that explains How to Overcome Four Tough SEO Business-Building Challenges and another post that asks "What's the big deal with pre-qualifying clients?" over on The Meld.


I've also spoken at various smaller events since my foray into all-things-internet over 13 years ago, when the idea of forming Dimmock Web Marketing was just an obsessive hope. In 2008, my wish became a <risky> reality.


"As an internet marketer and business owner, I've experienced both sides of the fence, so I'm looking for opportunities to speak on either topic at digital and non-digital events. The common denominators being personal growth, authenticity, integrity and passion - because these are at the core of everything I do, both online and offline"


If you're looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and insightful speaker for your own event, let me know. Let's explore the possibilities! 

Business, Internet Marketing & SEO Google+ Hangouts


Google Hangouts have transformed online face-to-face communication in a number of ways: project collaboration, group meetings, staff messaging, customer services, social sharing, interviews and education, to name a few. Better still, it's a doddle to set up and get going.  


As you've probably guessed, I'm an avid user and take part in digital marketing and business focused hangouts all the time. If you run or moderate a Google+ community and are looking for an experienced G+ HO user, who loves mixing humour with insight and directness, from a successful digital marketing and business background, we should have a virtual coffee. Find me on Google+ or find out which communities and hangouts I take part in.