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Tony's Blog


A quick intro!


I promised I wouldn't use age (I'm a young forty-something, ahem..) as my reason for not already have a personal blog. I do already blog - but for clients. And there lies the challenge - I spend most of my time running and growing Dimmock Web Marketing (my SEO company, formed 2008) which is great, don't get me wrong. But it means my digital footprints (social, guest blog posts, presentations etc) are scattered all over the internet.


So this blog is a single repository of all-things Tony Dimmock (yep, that's me).


Anyway, I'm stoked (US friends) / chuffed (UK friends) / delighted (everyone else) that you've come to find out more about me.


Over the years I've made a ton of friends online and without them, I'd have no-one to put the world to right with.


Here's an ultimate, killer and super-quick a simple guide (I hate BS, just like you) to using this site:


  • Just Me is just that - my wife, adorable kids, journey from employ "ee" to "er" and a piccie of my old home shed DimmockPlex
  • My blog is where you'll see me most active in the future and I intend to wear my keyboard out in the process. Grrr..
  • A new blog post on what I've learned from 7 years of running Dimmock Web Marketing.
  • I've spoken at BrightonSEO and would love to explore new speaking opportunities with event organisers
  • I've rustled up a few resources, just for you. So, go-ahead and get educated wink
  • There'll be write-ups coming your way for events I attend and details of ones that I organise and/or speak at
  • I offer SEO consulting services - but, like you, I'm picky with who I work with. Like business chocolate? We'll get on just fine..
  • If you want to chat, what are you waiting for? Get in touch - I don't bite (much)